Pellet Fireplaces

Pellet energy fireplaces are a class of fireplaces with distinct properties and advantages that can provide solutions and effectively meet the needs of a modern family. They are fireplaces that accept a standard form of fuel, the pellet instead of firewood, and which can be installed even in flats without chimney infrastructure, as the required diameter of the chimney allows them to provide solutions that will were unfeasible in other types of fireplace. They offer the warmth of the real flame, a little tighter than wood fireplaces, and can, depending on their type, transfer heat to multiple spaces through hot air flow channels.

Pellet fireplaces offer a host of modern facilities and automations, such as the ability to set the ignition, ie the start of combustion, through application to your mobile phone. A modern pellet fireplace offers you the opportunity to set the desired temperature of your home so that once the fireplace goes off, contributing to the energy economy. At the same time, pellet energy fireplaces also create a sense of autonomy, as you do not need to refuel their fuel too often, but you can fuel them even per week (depending on the product). Like the other energy fireplaces, pellet fireplaces are absolutely safe as their door mechanism ensures that you are not in danger of sparks or smoking that could happen in an old open fireplace.

If you are interested in the advantages and benefits of pellet energy fireplaces and looking for which fireplace is most suitable for your space, do not hesitate to call us or visit one of our exhibitions to discuss and analyze together, all those parameters that will provide the ideal solution for your requirements and needs. In our range, there are bigger manufacturers' pellet fireplaces, with international certifications and performance metrics, which are accompanied by multi-year guarantees, and the well-known support that has earned the Frangos Group at the top of the Greek market