26 September 2018

What is the energy fireplace?

What is the energy fireplace?

The energy fireplace is a modern closed-type fireplace, which has certified high combustion efficiency and therefore low fuel consumption, ie firewood.

In standard open fireplaces, found in most homes, wood burning is incomplete, with a yield rate typically approaching 20%. As a result, much of the heat that our fuel could produce is lost. On the contrary, in the most modern and quality energy fireplaces, the efficiency of combustion reaches or exceeds 75%, which means that our fuel, ie wood, we receive a large part of the energy it can yield as heat in our area, and a much smaller percentage is left unused compared to an old-style fireplace.

This practically means that the energy fireplace can warm up our space much more efficiently, with a significant fuel economy. If you take into account that the fuel used for energy fireplaces (such as firewood) is already very economical compared to other fuels such as oil or gas, or the current consumed by some heating devices, you understand that a quality fireplace, is an excellent heating solution combining warmth and economy.

How can energy fireplaces warm an entire place?

Energy fireplaces have the ability to deliver heat to our home in different ways, meeting different needs and requirements. The so-called air energy fireplaces heat and deliver warm air to our premises, either with a physical or mechanically controlled motorized circulation. Hydro fireplaces on the other hand can heat a whole house by heating radiators in the house.

Important, before you buy an energy fireplace?

As many fireplaces are now on the market, baptizing them with energy without having the required specifications, it is important to know that it is not a closed type fireplace, an energy fireplace.

Many of these products are simple constructions, without industrial - design study, without serious certifications, and a combustion efficiency that does not reach even 60%.

If you have the intention of putting an energy fireplace in your home, it is worth investing your money in a product that is of high quality, it will bring international certifications and will be accompanied by a multi-year guarantee. Such an option will offer warmth and significant economy over time. Having 50 years of presence in the market, and the exclusive representation of the largest manufacturers of energy fireplaces, the Frangos Group has a wide range of certified and guaranteed high performance products. Call us on the phone or visit one of our showrooms to discuss and find the ideal fireplace for your space.


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