Insert Energy Fireplaces

Energy inserts, often called in the market fireplaces, are the means to turn the traditional open fireplace into a high-efficiency energy fireplace. In essence, they are inbuilt fireplaces placed inside the open fireplace, turning the old simple fireplace into energy.

With the energy inserts, you can upgrade the old, low-energy open fireplace to a modern, high-efficiency fireplace that will provide you with increased home warmth, lower firewood consumption, fire-free open fire and ultimate safeness thanks to the fireproof door that ensures that the wood sparks will not escape the fireplace and never worry again

An essential prerequisite for successful conversion of the old fireplace to energy is the right choice of fireplace insert as well as installation by skilled and experienced staff. These factors will ensure you a perfect result, both aesthetically and functionally. Frangos Group, with its leading position in the market for energy fireplaces, offers you a wide range of energy insert options, and assures you the installation by specialized conversion technicians so that the final result meets your expectations and enjoys the warmth and its warmth for many years.

Call us to arrange methodically and responsibly the convert of your old fireplace into energy.

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