Premium Design Fireplaces

For those whom design and beauty are a way of life, there is a range of Premium Fireplaces, famous overseas houses, which can blend harmoniously with high aesthetics. Our multi-year collaboration with JC Bordelet enables us to access excellent projects and to have in the Greek market creations of well-known designers who have been awarded by the Institute of Architecture and adorned Museums of Contemporary Art.

This series of Premium Fireplaces is ideal to deliver refinement and quality in specially designed areas. These fireplaces can give prestige to large-scale venues such as a high-end hotel lobby and also to seal with their image, the center of a modern home. They are addressed to people with high demands and sophisticated taste, for whom aesthetics and refinement are a way of life.

If you think that a premium fireplace of high aesthetics is the element that will give warmth and quality to your space, then it will be our pleasure to guide you to the most contemporary designer designs so that you choose the work that suits your personal taste and your own unique style.

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