26 September 2018

Why to choose an energy fireplace from Frangos Group?

If you are wondering about the advantages of selecting a product from the Frangos Group, it is worth noting some of the features that accompany our products.

The fireplaces of the Frangos Group are covered by long-term factory guarantees, which are not small prints, which reach for many of them up to 12 years.

This of course does not happen at random. This is the result of the excellent manufacturing quality of the Group products, as their design and materials are of high quality for the cast iron outlets of the frangos group. The quality of the cast iron is not recyclable, it consists of a pure mixture and  its thickness reaches up to 12 mm while most companies reach 6 mm.For the metal fireplaces of the franc group, the metal used is a special high temperature steel mixture and the internal parts of the fireplace are not composed of vermiculite that breaks but with a special 6.5 cm thick firebrick with high alumina or high temperature firearms

Cast iron energy fireplace of the Frangos Group


Steel energy fireplace of the Frangos Group


They have the most modern exclusively patented combustion systems, so they burn 50% less wood than the energy fireplaces. Their yields reach the highest levels, and provide the consumer with warmth with maximum wood economy. Consumption is just 1.4 kg of wood per hour in maintenance mode.

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High-energy fireplaces feature up to 85% efficiency, meaning they can heat up to 300 square feet.

At the same time, apart from multi-year guarantees, the Group's products carry most of the European certifications, from internationally recognized institutes of high standing. So you know that the fireplace or the stove you choose from the Frangos Group is a completely safe and guaranteed product with high quality construction and proven and certified performance.

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