Gas Fireplaces

Energy gas fireplaces are a modern way of heating combining the warmth of the traditional fireplace with a host of important facilities. A modern gas fireplace, burns natural gas or LPG instead of firewood, can light up at the touch of a button, and gives you the flame and warmth you desire without having to transport your fuel. This makes it ideal for business premises, as they can without firewood, have a flame and heating, with a small diameter chimney, since efficient combustion of gas contributes to the minimization of flue gas pollution.

Modern high quality gas fireplaces offer a large number of automated processes. Typically, you can operate them remotely, but also control a wide range of features through a dedicated application that you can easily install on your mobile phone.

If the idea of installing an energy gas fireplace in your place looks attractive, and you want to find the perfect solution for your home or business space, we are at your disposal to discuss and find with you the right fireplace that will cover perfectly your requirements. Call us on the phone or visit one of our exhibitions to get all the information that will lead you to the best possible product and ensure high quality, international certifications, multiannual warranty and stable support offered by the Group Frangos for more than 50 years.