Pellet Stoves

Pellet energy stoves are sophisticated heating appliances that provide important facilities for a modern family and offer the possibility of warming up large spaces. Pellet energy stoves can, depending on their category, heat up multiple rooms either by running hot air through channels or by heating the radiators in the house.

High-quality pellet stoves have the technology to offer you impressive facilities, such as the ability to set up via mobile phone the ignition time and the desired temperature to find your home warm when you return from your walk or your job. At the same time, as they accept a standard fuel, they also offer considerable autonomy, as you can feed them with fuel each week (depending on the product) and have warmth in your home without stress or difficulty.

If you are looking for such a modern solution for heating your home, and want to make the choice of the best possible pellet stove for your needs and space then the first step is to call us on the phone or visit one of  our showrooms to discuss and find together the ideal solution for you. With a wide range of pellet stoves from the most trusted manufacturers, we can offer you high quality products with international certifications, long-term warranty and the well-known support of the Frangos Group, which has established us in the top position of the market.

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