26 September 2018

Convert “simple-open” to energy fireplace

Can a simple fireplace turn into energy?

One of the most common questions in the fire market is whether an open, built fireplace can turn into an energy one. This question ravages a large audience, as many families have at home an old-fashioned, open fireplace with firebricks, and would like to make the transformation into an energy fireplace without much hassle. Such a prospect is extremely positive because the energy fireplaces are clearly more efficient than traditional open fireplaces, as they have the ability to heat a room more efficiently with less firewood and with utmost security.

Luckily for the consumer, the answer to the question is positive. There are suitable product types that allow the simple fireplace to be converted into energy. These products are called inserts, or can often be heard on the market to be referred to as fireplaces cassettes. These are special types of fireplaces that can fit into the old fireplace and turn it into energy, with the least possible annoyance and at a limited cost. This cost, moreover, through the use of the energy fireplace and the economy it offers, will save the family after a while, as it will enjoy more heat with much less firewood and with the security offered by a modern, certified fireplace closed type. 

What to do when converting the fireplace into an energy system.

In order for the energy insert fireplace to get the best possible performance, it is important to choose a quality fireplace cassette that has the right dimensions, the required thermal performance and will be accompanied by international certifications. At the same time, it is helpful to arrange installation by an experienced, specialized crew to make the implementation successful. A responsible and properly organized workshop can complete the work of converting the simple fireplace to energy, without much “mess” and with the right design aesthetic result.

If you are interested in converting your old fireplace as a solution, the first move you need to do is call the Frangos Group on the phone or visit one of our showrooms to discuss the ideal proposal for your space and your needs. The wide range of quality products, the multi-year warranty, and the support of experienced and skilled technicians will provide you with an excellent result that will give you warmth for a long long time. 

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