Ethanol Fireplaces - Chimney Free Fireplaces

The fireplace is an element that gives beauty and charm to space, but in some cases it is impossible to have the required chimney. The solution in these cases is fireplaces without a chimney. These fireplaces can be installed in places where there is no chimney, and offer the warmth and charm of the flame without the need for a complicated installation. These hearths are called bioethanol fireplaces or ethyl alcohol fireplaces, because they burn a special, ecological, odorless and safe liquid for burning. So they give the picture of a lit fireplace, with a real flame, which is a little less intense than the equivalent of classic fireplaces. They are not the ideal solution for heating, but they can upgrade the image of an interior space, and they can be installed with ease and speed.

A chimney-free fireplace can be a great addition to professional spaces, giving aesthetic quality and refinement, offering a true flame image, and relieving the stress of a complex installation as it is a flexible solution with ease in fitting and operation.

In the Frangos Group, we have a large scale of bioethanol fireplaces / ethyl alcohol fireplaces to choose the one that suits your space and meets your functional and aesthetic requirements. Buying a fireplace without a chimney by the Frangos Group, you know that you are getting a high quality product with international certifications, warranty and the known support that the Group has been offering to its customers for 50 years.