Frangos Group, having 50 years experience in the fireplace, chooses the most quality and modern fireplaces to offer the Greek public a wide range of excellent choices in energy fireplaces and stoves. From high-performance  air fireplaces to hydro  fireplaces that can heat up an entire house and from insert fireplaces that turn the old open fireplace into energy, up to gas fireplaces that can effectively heat a space without the need to store wood

This wide range of options complements chimney-free fireplaces, for those who want the flame charm without the need for a chimney, as well as the premium design fireplaces of the most famous houses in the world, for spaces of unique design and unique style.

Frangos Group has been trusted as the exclusive distributor of its products by well known brands such as SEGUIN DUTERIEZ or JC BORDELET or AXIS, FERLUX and LACUNZA.

The range of options can be met by any prospective buyer, offering unrivaled quality, international certifications of high performance and economy, as well as the long-term guarantee of good functioning guaranteed by the Frangos Group with its market leadership.

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