Air Energy Fireplaces

Air energy fireplaces combine the warmth of the traditional fireplace with high combustion efficiency and impressive energy economy .Beyond the classic heat producing mode that has an open fireplace, an air energy fireplace heats the air of your space, with natural or mechanically assisted circulation, making your home atmosphere pleasant and hygienic. Depending on the heating capacity of the energy fireplace you choose, it’s possible to cover from a large room to a whole house, transporting hot air through air pipes in individual areas of your house

Τhe air energy fireplaces of Frangos Group offer warmth to your space , with minimal firewood consumption and the safeness provided by the fire door made of ceramic glass. The wide range of energy fireplaces from the world’s leading houses allows you to choose the right fireplace for your home, equipped with all the necessary performance certifications, and with the well known support that Frangos Group provides to its customers more than 50 years

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