26 September 2018

Differences between “open –simple” and energy fireplaces

What are the differences between simple and energy fireplaces?

There are many families who have an open fireplace at home, and they wonder what the differences between a simple and an energy fireplace are.

The most obvious and obvious difference is that a typical open fireplace has a performance that is barely more than 20%, while a modern energy fireplace can exceed even 80% in performance. This means that the energy fireplace can heat more efficiently one or more spaces, with impressive wood economy.

The energy fireplace, however, switches on more easily, and its combustion can be modeled with special regulators, features and facilities that one cannot have with a traditional open fireplace.

Energy fireplaces heat the room in multiple ways, not just through radiation as simple traditional fireplaces do. They can, depending on their type, produce hot air in the room, with a natural or motorized circulation, or heat the radiator bodies, delivering heat to multiple rooms and hot water with the corresponding installation.

Also, the energy fireplaces, as closed-type fireplaces, are absolutely safe in their operation, as sparks or flammable materials will not spring from them to the home. An open fireplace, on the other hand, is a fire hazard as a spark can cause serious problems, when an open traditional fireplace remains without supervision.

In a typical, built fireplace, there is always the risk of “smoking”, depending on the direction and the pressure of the air, while the energy fireplace, regardless of external conditions, will never smoke. At the same time, a simple open fireplace is also an element that contributes to the loss of warm air through the chimney. This loss of warm air does not exist in the energy fireplaces.

Another important difference between simple and energy fireplaces is that open fireplaces, with their incomplete combustion, create, with every use, soot layers in the chimney which exacerbate their function, increase the micro particles inside the house, and require frequent cleaning of the chimney. On the contrary, energy fireplaces, with significantly higher efficiency, leave much less combustion by-products, and do not enter our house as their door seals tightly and keeps the air of our home clean and healthy.


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