Hydro Energy Fireplaces

The special feature of a hydro energy fireplace is the ability to heat a whole house, utilizing the heating units installed in the house. The fireplace-heater can replace an oil burner, burning firewood with high efficiency and very economical, heating the home radiators. In this way it provides uniform heating in all rooms. At the same time the radiant fireplaces offer hot water during their operation, covering the needs of a family financially and completely. In fact, the use of a high-efficiency hydro air fireplace allows a family to be independent from the apartment's common areas, contributing decisively to the economic heating of the house.

Frangos Group has secured a wide range of high-efficiency hydro energy fireplaces for the Greek public, aiming to be the ideal solution for every home, depending on its size, the aesthetic requirements and the economic potential of its occupants. The Frangos Group's hydro energy fireplaces are built by the world's leading houses and have all the necessary quality and performance certifications. So you know how your choice ensures you a high performance, economy of use, multi-year warranty and the well-known support of the Group, which has honored it for 50 years as a market leader.

To take the first step for the economic and efficient heating of your home, call us or visit one of our exhibitions to discuss and find the perfect solution for your space.

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